Haskell Live

a live coding adventure

My Environment

I use Tmux for split panes and windows. Brian Hogan wrote a great book on Tmux called tmux: Productive Mouse-Free Development. You should read it.

I use a number of vim plugins:

I also use guard and guard-shell to automatically compile and run tests. Here's my Guardfile.

About Haskell Live

Haskell Live is a free (as in beer), creative-commons attribution licensed series of live coding videos that teach basic to intermediate Haskell concepts.

The intro and exit music are from the amazing chiptunes funk track Cascades by Torben Metal Hansen from the SOUNDSHOCK album FM FUNK MADDNESS!!.

I've also posted a list of the tools I use to set up my environment.

Brought to you with love by Rein Henrichs.

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